Payrolls Unlimited was established in 1986 and has been located in Northeastern PA since 1998. We strive to provide the best service at the lowest cost possible. Payrolls Unlimited provides a complete payroll processing service, including payroll tax preparation. Our clients realize that we charge less than half of what the larger payroll companies charge. By offering you first-rate reliability, advanced products, and increased features we make it possible for you to stay focused on running your business, leaving the worries of payroll to us. 
Payrolls Unlimited has no hidden fees, and service is our top priority.  Once you have decided to use Payrolls Unlimited, the hard part is done. Setting up your company only takes a few minutes of your time. Then we do the rest. Each pay period either call, fax, enter on line, or e-mail your hours in. You will receive laser printed checks (drawn from your bank account) and easy to read reports. When a Federal or state tax payment is due we initiate the electronic tax payment. Tax monies remain in your account until payment is actually due. You just need to verify that the funds are available prior to the tax payment being deducted. This gives you more control over your working capital.
Payrolls Unlimited can offer you complete payroll processing just like the “big guys” but with the quality, price and attention you deserve. Please feel free to call us with other questions you may have concerning our payroll service.